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For dough & Yeast based products

Creating an even better product,
with a
higher profit margin”



For dough and Yeast based products

For bread dough and yeast-based products, we apply a hybrid baking process that combines Steaming & Baking or Steaming & Frying. 


During this process the product is pre-cooked in a steam tunnel before it is flash-baked or flash-fried to obtain its final color and flavor. 


This process also allows you to reduce fat levels in the product while improving its taste and texture. 


Our solutions:


    •    Capacity: 10.000 -20.000 pcs/hr

    •    Turn-key process

    •    Our Steam Baking Center of Excellence

        is available to bakeries for product 

        development, market testing and 

        co-manufacturing of steamed bakery 




Process description:

(example Bread)


1.  Dough preparation

2. Dividing + rounding 

3. Proofing

4. Steaming

5. Flash-bakin

6. Cooling / freezing

7.  Packing

Process description:

(example Yeast Donuts)


1. Dough preparation

2. Sheeting

3. Cutting

4. Proofing

5. Steaming 

6. Flash-frying

7. Cooling 

8. Decorating

9. Packing 


Financial & efficiency​

    •    Cost reduction on ingredients 

    •    Saving on energy

    •    Less baking or frying time

    •    Less bake loss



Beautifull color

Natural flavor

Faster Baking


Product & consumer

    •    More natural flavor,

    •    Soft texture

    •    Eliminate excess oil on fried products

    •    More product volume


Beter texture


Stuffings possible


Health & planet

    •    Up to 50% less fat (fried products)

    •    Less calories 

    •    Improved CO2 footprint

    •    Minimize use of palm-oil  (fried products)



Applicable to: 

    •    Bread & bakery products

    •    Fried yeast-based products


“Creating responsible indulgence”

For cake Batter

SteamBaking for Cake Batter

A bakery process that uses steam to bake products. During this process the product is steamed in a steam tunnel.

The heat transfer of steam is more efficient than that of hot air.

This process allows you to reduce sugar and fat levels in the product while improving its  taste and texture. 

cake batter  blauwe kleur-1.png
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