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Test your Market

At S&S Baking Solutions, we understand the importance of making a smart investment. That's why our test steamers offer a cost-effective way to evaluate the market and justify your capital investment. Contact us today to learn more about our plug-and-play test steamers and other baking solutions.


By participating in our steam training program, you can give your organization a significant advantage, providing you with a 3-year jumpstart in product development.

Let’s Steam Together!

Our Steam Baking Center of Excellence in Amsterdam is available to bakeries for product development, market testing and co- manufacturing of steamed bakery product innovations.


Workshop Overview:


We are delighted to introduce our intensive two-day workshop on steambaking, tailored for industrial bakeries keen on exploring this innovative technology.

Our program will guide you through the technical, developmental, and marketing aspects of steambaking, with the added advantage of hands-on sessions.

Program Highlights:


- Technical Training:

Dive deep into the Steambaking process and learn its intricacies.

- Product Development:

Engage in interactive sessions to develop and innovate products tailored to your brand.

-Marketing Training:

Position your products in the market, learn best practices, and understand the nuances of steambaking sales strategies.

-Financial ROI:

Get hands-on experience in calculating returns to make informed business decisions.


- Management**

- R&D**

- Engineering**

- Marketing**

- Sales**


Benefit from specialized content and activities that address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each of these roles.

Workshop Details:

- Duration: 2 consecutive working days

- Location: Steambaking Test Center, Amsterdam

What You'll Gain:


1. Comprehensive understanding of the Steambaking process

2. Insights into the benefits of Steambaking for your business

3. Proof of concept with tasting samples from a standard product formula

4. Real-world examples and success stories from the market

5. Introduction to the necessary equipment for both testing and industrial scale-up

6. Transfer of expertise on the process and technology of steambaking

7. Guidance in organizing product samples from various markets

8. Support in drafting a solid business case and calculating ROI


Samples for Market Research:

Post-workshop, attendees have the unique opportunity to produce sample batches of their developed products. These samples can further be utilized for market tests and consumer research, providing valuable insights for business expansion.


To reserve your spot or for further inquiries,

kindly contact us at

or simply apply here:


Note: Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis. Secure your spot today to harness the power of steambaking!



Looking forward to baking the future together!

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