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Equipment & Turn-key projects

At S&S Baking Solutions we provide equipment and service world-wide. 

The production lines we offer have capacities of up to 45’000 pieces per hour.

They meet industrial standards and requirements for scalability, quality consistency and versatility.

We offer full-service process & system integration.


Depending on the products produced our scope of supply includes steam tunnels, depositors, greasing units, automatic depanning units, pan washing equipment.


For products that do not require pan handling, we provide steam tunnels with stainless steel belts.

Because steaming is new to many bakeries, we support our clients along the entire NPD journey. Generally the process is divided in the below 5 steps, however every support plan is tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

Our team of experts is committed to delivering exceptional service and support to help your business succeed in launching steamed or partially steamed products. 


Our 5-step approach

1. Introduction

General information on Steam including: 


- Benefits for the customer’s portfolio and business
- Proof of concept, samples for tasting 
- Presentation on market example/successes

- Outline of the various processes

2. Explore

Evaluate potential of using steam for your business: 


- Transfer of know-how on process and technology
- Test baking with customer's product formula
- Organizing samples from various markets
- Support in preparing business case & ROI calculations 

- Support with market testing

3. Scale-up plan

Detailed investment & business plan that includes:


- Engineered layout of industrial process
- Production volume calculations
- Detailed process and requirement specifications 

- Project implementation time plan 

4. Production

This is the project kick-off that entails:


- Detailed engineering of Steam line
- Production of steam system according to specifications 

- Installation, training and acceptance testing

5. After installation Service

Once your line is installed, the project is finished and our partnership continues. You can count on:


- 24/7 support world-wide

- Refresh training for new employees and updates

- Supply of spare parts

- Continued market and product updates

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