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“creating responsible indulgence”




Steamed bakery products are made in a steam tunnel. Steam is injected in the tunnel and the product is evenly baked.


The product is not exposed to any other heat source like oven-baking, frying etc.


Production Line

Our steam production lines use baking trays to shape and transport the product. This makes our steam production line highly flexible and versatile.


Our solutions:


•         Line capacity: 10.000-45.000 pcs/hr.

•         Turn-key process

•         Test equipment available for 

           market, testing and product            



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Process description: 

(Example steamed cakes & cake donuts)

1. Batter mixing 

2. Oiling plates 

3. Batter depositing 

4. Steaming 

5. Depanning 

6. Cooling 

7. Decorating

8. Packing

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Financial & efficiency​

•          Cost reduction on ingredients

•          Cost reduction on energy

•          Flexible baking tray system,
           quick format changeover

•          Zero bake loss, no rework

•          Reduction of bake time


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Health & planet

•          Less calories, 50% less fat 

•          No acrylamides, no Maillard reaction 

•          Reduced CO2 footprint, less energy


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Product & consumer

•          Unique fluffy, soft and moist texture

•          Natural colors – all colors possible

•          No browning of the product ’s skin

•          Amazing natural flavor and aroma


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Applicable to: 

•          Cake Donuts

•          Cakes

•          Muffins

•          Snack Cakes

•          Buns

•         And many more…


Natural colors,

50% less fat

Unique fluffy,

and soft texture

Natural flavor

and aroma

Coat, glaze

or sugar them!

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