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Barilla steamed cakes 10 years successful in Italy

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Steamed cakes have been a popular and successful product in Italy for many years, sold under Barilla's brands Pan di Stelle and Mulino Bianco. These Italian cakes have a unique soft texture and a super indulgent flavor that has been appreciated by consumers for over a decade.

The Pan di Stelle Mooncake is a chocolate cake with a generous amount of chocolate filling, while the Mulino Bianco Cuore Cake is a vanilla cake with a delicious lemon filling. These cakes are widely available at leading retailers, and their popularity speaks to the success of Barilla's innovative approach to steaming technology.

One of the main advantages of steaming cakes is that it allows for a low-temperature cooking process, which preserves the natural flavors of the cake and filling. This results in a product that is both healthier and tastier, without compromising on flavor or texture. By launching steamed cakes, Barilla has secured ownership of the steamed cake category and continues to innovate within the bakery industry.

The success of Barilla's steamed cake line shows that there is a growing demand for healthier, more flavorful baked goods. Consumers are increasingly interested in products that are both indulgent and nutritious, and Barilla has been able to deliver on both fronts with their steamed cakes.

In conclusion, the popularity of steamed cakes in Italy demonstrates the appeal of this unique baking process. By producing delicious and healthier baked goods, Barilla has secured its position as a leader in the bakery industry and continues to meet the changing demands of consumers. The success of their steamed cake line is a testament to their innovative approach to baking, and we can expect to see more developments from them in the future.

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