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S&S returned to IBIE with new Hybrid Steaming

S&S Baking Solutions made a big impact at the recent IBIE exhibition in Las Vegas, showcasing their innovative hybrid steaming solutions, SteamFry and SteamBake. The company's products received an enthusiastic response from bakery customers, who were excited about the improved quality of their baked goods, while also reducing the amount of sugar or fat used.

S&S Baking Solutions introduced the new SSB-2000 Steam production line, which boasts an impressive capacity of up to 45,000 steamed cakes per hour. This impressive production capability caught the attention of many leading bakeries from the USA, Canada, and Mexico, all of whom were present at the exhibition.

Another highlight of S&S Baking Solutions' exhibition demonstrated their commitment to providing healthier options to their customers by offering samples of steamed cakes and donuts, including SteamFry yeast Donuts with less fat and SteamBake Muffins with less sugar. These products were received with great interest, and many customers expressed their desire to incorporate these healthier options into their own product lines.

Overall, S&S Baking Solutions' presence at the IBIE exhibition in Las Vegas was a resounding success. The company's innovative hybrid steaming solutions, healthier product options, and impressive production capabilities have positioned them as a leader in the bakery industry, and one to watch for continued innovation and growth in the future.

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