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S&S Baking Solutions at IBA

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Oct 22-26 2023 I Hall A1 #300

See, Taste, Experience STEAMBAKING cakes & breads

Join us at IBA and explore the transformative benefits of STEAMBAKING for your batter and dough products and operations. Save costs on energy & ingredients, reduce bake time, improve product texture, and much more!

Better for People, Planet & Profit.



20.000-45.000 pcs/hr

Our biggest STEAMBAKING line

We finished building our biggest steam cake line. Click the button below to see the video. Would you like to know more about this line? Just contact us!



Center of Excellence

Let’s Steam Together!

Our Steam Baking Center of Excellence in Amsterdam is available to bakeries for product development, market testing and co-manufacturing of steamed bakery product innovations. Shall we develop your steambaked products together?



for batter & for dough

Steambake for Batter
Download PDF • 16.23MB


A bakery process that uses steam to bake products.

During this process the product is steamed in a steam tunnel. The heat transfer of steam is more efficient than that of hot air.

This process allows you to reduce sugar and fat levels in the product while improving its taste and texture.


For bread dough and yeast-based products, we apply a hybrid baking process that combines Steaming & Baking or Steaming & Frying.

During this process the product is pre-cooked in a steam tunnel before it is flash-baked or flash-fried to obtain its final color and flavor.

This process also allows you to reduce fat levels in the product while improving its taste and texture.

Download PDF • 17.79MB


The team of S&S Baking Solutions can help you explore, test and industrially scale the integration of steam in your bakery processes.

Contact us today at or refer to our website


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