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Industrial Steaming Equipment and Turn-key Projects

for bakery products that are better for people & planet

  • Equipment made in The Netherlands, adapted to customer standards and local requirements

  • Comprehensive support for product and process development

High-quality bakery equipment

S&S Baking Solutions provides

high-quality bakery equipment and turnkey projects to industrial bakeries looking to incorporate steaming into their processes.


We offer:


  • Process & system integration


  • Technical support and services worldwide


  • Test Equipment for market research & product development


Why add Steam?

“Because it’s better
for People & Planet”


Reduce cost on
ingredients & energy


Less fat & sugar


Better texture & taste




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“Creating a better product”

Baking bread and cakes with steam is a method that has been used for centuries

in various cultures around the world.


Steam is used to create a moist and controlled environment during the baking process,

which can result in a softer, more uniform, and longer-lasting final product.


Learn more about what applying steam can do for your products...


Test your market

Are you considering investing in an industrial steaming line but want to test the market first? 

S&S Baking Solutions has the perfect solution for you. 

S&S Testing kit

We offer 2 different size testing kits that includes;

  • Bakery combi-steamer with integraded steam generator 

  • It steams, bakes, proofs and much more!

  • Pans specially designed for steaming

  • Training & process support

S&S Steam Lab

Our industrial Bakery in Amsterdam provides you with a full line to test your product and the full industrial proces.


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